Grinch Trivia


The 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' Trivia Quiz

IMPORTANT NOTE: These questions are derived from the animated television version of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas', NOT the book or the recent movie.

1) The strength of how may Grinch's were required to save the sleigh carrying all of the Who's possessions.

2) Name of the Grinch's dog.


3) How many years has the Grinch been sourly watching the Who's celebrate Christmas. (Assumed to be his age)

4) What is the name of the Who child that interrupted the Grinch while he was stealing Christmas. (Bonus for knowing the child's age)

5) How many sizes too small was the Grinches heart.

6) How many sizes did his heart grow after he discovered the true meaning of Christmas.

7) Where did the grinch live in relation to Whoville. (Looking for a cardinal direction N,S,E,W).

8) What part of the Who's Christmas celebration did the Grinch hate the most.

9) Who is the voice of the Grinch and narrator of the story.

10) What year was the Animated version of the story first released.

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